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those are they do

everyone like to show what he/she likes to do.something that makes proud, something to show of...
Like me-myself-I like show pictures to anybody bot my activities especially my journeys, my travelling, beside share my favorite novel's resume. some friends mad to me since I tag which is made their wall full of my photos..hahahahha...I love to do that, indeed..
in the other hand, there'r people who like show their sadness by wrote status...pfffpff boring read those such things. Oke, if they do occasionally--nor everyday!!!
Next ,
they--who really like upload kind of photos- that-personally--hurt my logical mind
even I dont-really dont hate them, theirselves, however I keep think twice what they do daily...
Well--it's abour choice of showing our personal life to others. FB,FS,MP,blog and others really help people to be narcism ^_^
Just be carefull--or people will judge you unexpectedly


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