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Megawati still unable to meet Yudhoyono

Original news by Antara 19/3/2003 Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) Chairperson Megawati Soekarnoputry is still unable to meet Democratic Party`s Advisory Board chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) because of her tight election campaign schedule, a spokesman said. PDI-P Secretary General Pramono Anung told the press here on Wednesday that after April 5, 2009, Megawati would probably meet with Yudhoyono but it would depend on the right momentum related to their common political interest. According to Pramono Anung, the PDI-P chairperson has asserted that she was ready to meet with anybody because never did she break the bond of friendship with all parties. "Ibu Mega has yet to make an agenda of her meeting with SBY because in addition to her tight schedule, there is also the difference in her political view and principle," Pramono Anung said. He added that the difference in her political view with Yudhoyono was especially in relation wi

PKS, Yudhoyono make political contract on Palestinian independence

The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) has made a political contract with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to free Palestine from colonialism, according to a PKS leader. "PKS has opened up for coalition with other political parties as well as with any presidential and vice presidential candidates, with a common vision priority to develop this nation," PKS Secretary General Anis Matta said here on Monday. The political contract with SBY did not only cover international affairs but also domestic issues such as anti corruption, he said. PKS was confident in the corruption eradication efforts as mandated by the reform, because so far no PKS cadre had been involved in a corruption case since the birth of the party, he said. "PKS cannot guarantee that in the future none of its cadres would be free from corruption. But, until today we can prove that there is no PKS cadre being charged with corruption," he said. The Islam-based party would intensify its political communication on


Pemilu –WHATSOEVER. Kenapa ya gw ga antusias??? Tidak seperti dulu jaman kuliah-even hanya pemira yang milih ketua jurusan atau ketua BEM-heboh, seru. Tapi sekarang...maleeezzz. Kelihatan ga penting aja (-haloooww in pesta demokrasi-so WHAT?) Well, secara partainya banyak banget, berapa?38?kertas nya segede taplak meja-boros bukan? Lagian bikin banyak partai tidak jelas gitu, sekedar setor nama. Atau barisan sakit hati karena didepak partai lama. Atau adegan pembuktian diri karena kemaren kalah? Maka sesumbarlah mereka dengan beragam janji yang mostly boong pake banget!!! Alih-alih mengabdi pada negara....yang ada hanya menghamburkan uang demi ego pribadi. Haloow ...tidak perlu bikin partai –tidak perlu nunggu jadi anggota dewan-tidak perlu nunggu jadi presiden untuk mengabdi pada negara, berpihak pada rakyat dan membuat perubahan. JUST DO IT NOW ! Mulai saja dari diri sendiri, dari lingkungan sekitar. Dari tingkat kampung even RT. Bagaimana memberdayakan pemuda untuk membangun d

Wanna go to Jogja?

JOGJAKARTA Jogyakarta (also known as "Jogja") is a special city in Indonesia. It has also a special region status (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta - DIY). For tourists, Yogya is probably the second choice of city to visit after Bali. Jogja has one of the old and big University in Indonesia that is Gadjah Mada University (my lovely campus). Some of major got under 100 rank in world class university. (next i’l show detail). Something I really miss is do “sunmor” meaning do Sunday Morning. Yup , going to bunderan –a centre place of the college-do jogging or just walking slowly.Sight seeing and eating ,of course. It just like morning market. You can find food, snack,clothes, bags and many things other. Hangout with our friend, your couple or your family, an dlistening to live music..;-) Traditional food (such as "gudeg") is good and cheap. Many people eat on the street, sitting on the floor. This is called "lesehan". Becareful before you eat, ask first for the pri

Modern batik

Batik is s drawing art above cloth for made clothes technically resist use wax material.The word batik is come from Javanese. It means to write or point. Batik's techniques has been recognised since thousand years ago. It couldn't self explanatory history about batik genesis.Batik has high art value and being part of Indonesian culture even being national dress. Design and colour batik are influenced by many ethnic such as Tionghoa, Europe etc. Tionghoa gives light colour, Europe give picture like tulip flower. Nowdays,There are many kind of batik; not only drawn batik but printing batik, cap batik, painting batik and sablon batik. Every place where produce batik has uniquely design and colour. Cirebon, Pekalongan, Jogjakarta and Solo are cities which have special character of batik. Pekalongan is well known as batik pesisir which light colour such as red and blue. You can see in to know more about modern batik. Most of batik which are produce in Solo and Jogja