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Modern batik

Batik is s drawing art above cloth for made clothes technically resist use wax material.The word batik is come from Javanese. It means to write or point. Batik's techniques has been recognised since thousand years ago. It couldn't self explanatory history about batik genesis.Batik has high art value and being part of Indonesian culture even being national dress.
Design and colour batik are influenced by many ethnic such as Tionghoa, Europe etc. Tionghoa gives light colour, Europe give picture like tulip flower.
Nowdays,There are many kind of batik; not only drawn batik but printing batik, cap batik, painting batik and sablon batik.
Every place where produce batik has uniquely design and colour. Cirebon, Pekalongan, Jogjakarta and Solo are cities which have special character of batik. Pekalongan is well known as batik pesisir which light colour such as red and blue. You can see in to know more about modern batik.
Most of batik which are produce in Solo and Jogjakarta have brown or grey colour. In this area design of batik can show a prestise of man.


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