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In 1989, Stephen R.Covey published time management consept with 7 HABITS. One of them is the difference among ‘important and urgent’ and ‘important and not urgent’. We have to aware about them. Covey remind us that we often concentrate in urgent things because of delay of time. We ignore those things before. We didnot do the best and make the right decision on that time
Do something important is positive behaviour and it will direct us to do hurry in working but keep in best result

“Sense of urgency” is different with “do urgency”
In working area we often do ‘slow but sure’. We can say It’s already October or It’s still October. We pretend to live in a grey area as comfort zone and dont wanna confront in black and white area.

‘4-A’ Sense of urgency
A salesman have surprised when asked a question what is next target selling , just a moment after he closed great selling. It’ s about sense of urgency which is cycles ‘success motivate sucess’. Siklus 4-A it’s stand for Achieve-Assess-Active-Accelarate which is start from target dealing (achieving), do evaluated (Assess), do revise soon and activate more to do something new, dont be slow down to push and encourage energy (Accelerate) to gain optimize result.

Being person in motion
All of us will be agree that it’s easy to control a motion things than freeze once. Based on this, we could adapt to do dynamic than static. One step to do ‘sense of urgency is “ walk in speed of run”. It believes to suggest ourself to do faster and faster. Behave responsively, such as respon the email quickly, answer the telephone before third rings and action orientation. In communication we have say something to the point.
So,- let’s do it now ..


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